Our “Breaking Bad” Finale Party

Just yesterday, upon discovering my blog, my friend reminded me of the Breaking Bad finale gathering I planned way back in the day before we had kids, which I had completely forgotten about. Well, lo and behold, thanks to facebook memories, the photos popped up on my feed today – apparently, it was exactly eight years ago that the Breaking Bad finale aired! I suppose before I had kids, I had to take any other opportunities toward which I could channel my party planning passion. 😝 So today, we’re taking a little journey into the past!

Caveat: This was pulled together relatively quickly, and we also lived in a small condo back then so space was a little limited, but I worked with what we had!

There’s always something to be said about the initial entry into the party. Upon arriving, our guests were greeted with the signature colors of the Vamonos Pest termite tents.

Our entryway featured an assortment of beakers reminiscent of Walt’s lab setup. We added some dry ice to give it a fun effect.

Before the show aired, we all enjoyed some of the best fried chicken in town. We ordered from Honey’s in downtown Culver City and served it in our DIY Los Pollos Hermanos containers and plates. The side was none other than Jesse’s favorite Funyuns.

We then sat down to watch the finale. It was at this time that some guests who took a restroom break discovered another surprise detail waiting in there.

And what’s a party without cake? I wanted to make sure we had some cake to enjoy after the finale, but had to get creative on how to make that happen. I thought I would plan it around the signature pink bear from Season 2. To do so, I had to figure out how to make a cake in the shape I wanted. This was before the days of Pinterest, but after some google searching, thanks to some bloggers out there, I was able to make my own baking pan.

How it started

I used one of my favorite cake recipes, and with the help of some neon pink frosting and black sprinkles, was able to create a fun cake that brought the theme all together.

How it went

To cap off the night, we also had some party favors. According to my Facebook captions and comments, apparently I had found and ordered these from the candy shop in Albuquerque that supplied the blue rock crystal candy used on the actual show.

Blue candy crystals

So that was our Breaking Bad finale party! I guess it was no surprise to our friends how much fun I’d have with birthday parties once the kids came along. 🤪

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