Why I’m Sharing Now

I’m Christina, and my passion is to celebrate people well! I love making my family and friends feel known and loved.

At the suggestion of my hubby to find an outlet for myself, I am starting this page as a means to share a huge part of me that I sometimes hold back from sharing on my personal page. I tend to worry about overwhelming people with party stuff, decor, etc as I want to be sensitive (and maybe wary) of others who are in different situations, hold different values, or may view this as excessive.

I’ve also refrained from sharing as these celebrations are meant to be a private affair, something designed and created specifically for the person I’m celebrating. I invest a significant amount of thought and time to make each event completely unique, and I suppose there was a part of me that felt as if sharing it would take away from that and almost cheapen my gift and labor of love (especially in today’s world of Pinterest and Instagram).

But at the same time, it is a huge part of my heart that hasn’t had an outlet for a very long time. My hubby is good about making sure he’s filling his tank – surfing, working out, connecting with friends, watching sports, making cold brew/coffee/kombucha, and more! Outside of working full-time and homeschooling the kids right now, I don’t have much that I do for me. So when we took stock of what is life-giving to me, it is this aspect of my life – pouring my creativity into celebrating and commemorating the beauty in each person and moment – that energizes and recharges me. Celebrations are very much a way to pause, soak in, and fully take in a moment or a season. And in a similar manner, documenting that creation journey is also in and of itself a way to capture and remember something, which is something I have never done when it comes to this area of my life.

So I’m going to try to start. 🙂 Please know that I am not trying to show off or anything…I am actually super sensitive and a little scared of being judged for how much energy I pour into these parties. But taking a leap of faith to more openly share the labor of my love, as it is a special part of my heart and an aspect of what makes me me.

Can’t wait 💕

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